Mixed Case: Sake 3 Pack


Our Mixed Cases are an ideal way to discover new wines, or simply to take the fuss out of choosing what to drink and have six great wines delivered to your doorstep! This is a selection of 3 premium Sakes. A great introduction for those new to the wold of Pure Sake, or a nice pack for fans who want to explore some new options.

Included in the mixed case:

1 x Ōta Shuzō

Full-body, slightly dry sake. Rich combination of a deep rice-taste, lots of umami, and a pleasant light aroma. Limited-edition, small-volume brew with an extremely high cost-perfomance. This all-round sake can be enjoyed at all temperatures and combines with a wide variety of food. Unpasteurised and undiluted.

Country Japan / Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture
Type Japanese junmai sake
Bottle Size 72cl
Year 2020

1 x Miyoshino Jōzō

Made using the unique medieval bodaimoto brewing method of Nara brews, this refreshing unpasteurised sake has retained the wild and flowery character of a young sake. Unfiltered, undiluted, no yeast added. 

Country Japan / Yoshino, Nara Prefecture
Type Young jumnai sake
Bottle Size 72cl
Year 2020

1 x Heiwa Shuzō
Yuzu Sake

A Yamahai Junmai sake with whole Yuzu fruit juice added, it opens with heady aromatics and a dense palate of tart and sweet from the yuzu fruit, finishing with a hint of grainy rusticity from the Yamahai brewing method. Drink cold, either straight or on the rocks, or use as a surprising ingredient of a cocktail! Store cool and dark.

Country Japan / Kainan, Wakayama Prefecture
Type Japanese yuzu-sake
Bottle Size 72cl
Year 2020

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